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Certificate Courses

1. Health Care Assistance (6 months)

Trained to assist in basic patient care as a member of the multi-disciplinary health care team, leading to improved patient outcomes.


2. Counselling (12 months)

Counsellors are trained to help clients in dealing with their personal and interpersonal conflicts, providing emotional support and assist the client to focus on constructive behaviours.


3. Public Health Education (12months)

Promotes and enhances better health practices amongst the community, with focus on positive behaviourial modification and maintenance or restoration of health.


4. Occupational Health & Safety (12months)

Focuses on workers well-being at the workplace and equips learners with necessary knowledge and skills to address safety and health issues in the workplace. This course is also offered as a 3 months part-time short course for people with a tertiary qualification in any field.


5. Plaster Technology (12 months)

Trained to assist patients with orthopaedic problems through application, adjustment and removal of variety of cast and splints.


6. Health Care Administration (12 months)

Fuses administrative skills with principles of patient care management with clearly aligned understanding of the healthcare industry and its people.


7. Dental Surgery Assisting (6months)

Dental Surgery Assistants are trained to work as relative and active member of the dental health team under the supervision of dentists and dental therapists.


8. Anatomical Pathology (12 months)

Anatomical Pathology technicians work in the mortuary and provide assistance to a pathologist in conducting post mortem .


9. Emergency Medical Care (12 months)

Enable students to acquire useful skills in life saving techniques to function as licensed first responders.


You can contact our admissions office at 3911-009 or 72110977.