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Dr Sandra Kasu
Head of Department

Qualification: PhD in Disability Studies

About This Course

Occupational Therapy Is one of the disciplines concerned with rehabilitation of individuals across their lifespan to help them be able to do the things they want and need to do. The course is a 4-year bachelor’s degree, that will teach learners the concepts, principles and techniques on how to do appropriate interventions used in Occupational therapy. There is a huge demand for Occupational Therapists in schools, hospitals, clinics and even NGOs to rehabilitate.

The program helps the learners to understand the profession of occupational therapy which involves understanding individual apropriate treatment interventions, rehabilitations, life cycle redesign, and return to work programs and skills development to overcome the challenges faced by the individuals in their occupations. The program also highlight the community and population-based approaches to combat the occupational challenges faced by the communities and populations.

Part 1
Part 2
4 Years, Full Time
36 Points
Course Work
 Attachment & Research