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Dr G.A. Sejie
Head of Department

Qualification: MMedSci in Public Health
Research Interest: Epidemiology, infectious disease control, mapping and modeling of communicable and non-communicable diseases, with an emphasis on tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

About This Course

BSc in Public Health program equips prospective professionals with a foundational knowledge of the field that will enable them to protect and improve the health of the communities and populations through evaluation of the population’s health statistics and the quality of healthcare accessible to them, designing of programs that encourages healthy behaviours, prevention of diseases and injuries, and the control of environmental threats health ahead of a health crisis.

Students are equipped with skills to prepare for, rapidly detect, respond to and recovering from public health emergencies.Moreover, the program prepares students to tackle global health challenges through multidisciplinary course work, hands-on experiences and research.Graduates emerge ready to address health disparities and promote wellness in diverse settings such as government agencies, non-profits, and healthcare facilities.

Part 1
Part 2
 4 Year, Full Time
36 Points
Course Work
Attachment & Research