Sports and recreation play a significant role in Boitekanelo College, offering a range of benefits to both student and the college itself. Boitekanelo College is a member affiliate of BOTESSA (Botswana Tertiary Student Sports Association). Botessa is the organization that is mandated to organize sports for higher tertiary institutions in Botswana, which gives platform to our students to socialize and network with their counterparts in higher education institution and offer them opportunity to nature their talent to grow from elite to professional athletes.

Boitekanelo College sports and recreation is integral to BC student experience, offering numerous physical mental and social benefits to students. They contribute to the holistic development of Boitekanelo College students and can enhance the overall atmosphere and culture of learners. 

Below are benefits for Boitekanelo College students to participate in sports:
Physical Health, Mental Health, teamwork and collaboration, time management, socialization and networking, stress relief Personal growth and career opportunities.

Boitekanelo College has the following sports codes in its facilities: football, volleyball, Netball, softball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, Chess, karate, boxing, lawn tennis and these sports codes are for both gender as we are an inclusive higher tertiary institution. We do have active clubs within our college where students take part to interact with their peers.  Debate, Entrepreneurship, Road safety, Counselling, Boitekanelo College Christian Movement and Non communicable disease clubs.