Involves the systematic investigation of a particular subject to gain new knowledge, insights, or solutions to existing problems. In Boitekanelo College, research encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including Health sciences, Business, Technology, and Social Sciences. Therefore, faculty members and students may conduct research to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, address societal challenges, and explore innovative approaches in their respective fields.

Innovation refers to the process of introducing new ideas, methods, or products that bring about positive change. It involves creativity, problem-solving, and the implementation of novel concepts. Within Boitekanelo College, innovation can be fostered through collaborative projects, entrepreneurial initiatives, and interdisciplinary approaches. Students and faculty may engage in activities that encourage innovation, such as developing new teaching methods, designing innovative healthcare solutions, or exploring novel business models.

Focuses on the growth and improvement of individuals, organisations, and communities. In the context of Boitekanelo College, development initiatives may include capacity building programs, community outreach projects, and partnerships with industry and local communities. The college may strive to enhance the skills and knowledge of its students, foster sustainable development practices, and contribute to the overall progress of the communities it serves.