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Dr Refilwe Morwane
Head of Department

Qualification: PhD in Augmentative & Alternative Communication

About This Course

Speech language therapy is healthcare profession focused on assessing, diagnosing, and treating individuals with communication and swallowing disorders. Speech-language therapists, work with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, who may present with:-

  • Speech sound disorders (e.g., articulation disorders, phonological disorders)· Language disorders (e.g., expressive language disorder, receptive language disorder).
  • Voice disorders (e.g., vocal nodules, vocal cord paralysis, dysphonia).
  • Fluency disorders (e.g., stuttering, cluttering)· Social communication disorders (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, pragmatic language impairment).
  • Cognitive-communication disorders (e.g., aphasia, traumatic brain injury).
  • Swallowing disorders (e.g., dysphagia).

Speech-language therapy plays a crucial role in helping individuals improve their communication skills, enhance their quality of life, and participate more fully in social, academic, and professional activities.By integrating theoretical knowledge with hands-on clinical experiences and professional development opportunities, our four year degree in speech language therapy prepares students to enter the field as competent, compassionate, and ethical speech-language therapists who are ready to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with communication and swallowing disorders.

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4 Years, Full Time
36 Points
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