Research Development Committee:-
The Boitekanelo College Research, Innovation and Development Committee plays a pivotal role in advancing research excellence and fostering innovation within the institution. The committee's roles are diverse and multifaceted, encompassing key responsibilities that contribute to the overall growth and success of Research, Innovation and Development activities at Boitekanelo College. Some of the critical roles of the committee include:

The Boitekanelo College (BC) Institutional Review Board (IRB):-
is mandated to evaluate research proposals of the public (researchers who want to carry out research in BC); BC staff and student and grant ethical clearance. Upon clearance, we submit the proposals when entail research carried outside BC to the Ministry of Health Research Unit, which issues the researchers a research permit.

We hereby request the submission of proposals. Please be advised that the committee meets on the last Thursday of each month. You are required to send a proposal that includes all of your data collection tools, a completed Ministry of Health research permit application form, and the CVs of all participating researchers. Our committee's operations are governed by the BC IRB terms of reference, and we are accountable to the MOH Research Unit. Your correspondence will be acknowledged upon submission of your proposals, and you will be given the necessary direction. We look forward to working with you all and ensure that research is conducted ethically.

Downloadable Resources

1. Ministry of Health Research Permit Application Form. Download file

Research Proposal Form:-

Provides researchers with a structured platform to submit comprehensive proposals.