Boitekanelo College fully recognises the Student Representative Council (SRC) as part of the integral organ in its structures. SRC revolves around representing the interests of the student body, facilitating communication between students and college administration, and promoting the overall welfare of students.  Part of their objectives are as follows: Advocacy, communication, organising events, student services, representation, policy advocacy, conflict resolution, community engagement and leadership development.

  • ADVOCACY – Boitekanelo College SRC advocates for the rights and concerns of the student body, this includes issues related to academics, campus facilities, student services and any other matters affecting students.
  • COMMUNICATION – One of the roles of BC SRC is to serve as bridge between students and college administration, they facilitate open and transparent communication channels, ensuring that students voices are heard, and the important information is relayed to the student body.
  • ORGANISING EVENTS – Boitekanelo College SRC often organises social and academic events, such as cultural events, seminars, and workshops to enhance the overall college experience and promote a sense of community among students.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – As part of their Community Social Responsibility Boitekanelo College SRC engages in community work projects, promoting social responsibility and community involvement.


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Wantlha Tabengwa


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Thabiso Kelekwang

Vice President

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Bokhutlo July

Secretary General

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Thusang Ramaotwana

Minister of Finance

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Mooketsi Ontuetse

Minister of Entertainment

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Gogontle Lekelandi

Minister of Community Outreach

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Orapeleng Balaidzi

Minister of Sports & Recreation

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Tuelo Gobonamang

Minister of Student Welfare

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Motingwa Mmoloki

Minister of Academic Affairs